I made a YouTube series. Allow me to explain.

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I helped bring this amazing series over to Cracked’s YouTube channel We Remade ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE For Only $20 We Remade ‘TENET’ For $20 We Remade The Matrix For $20 (Rooftop Showdown / “Dodge This” Scene) We Remade The Matrix Resurrections For $20 We Remade Spider-Man: No Way Home For $20 We Remade Squid […]


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I helped bring back and write Cracked’s classic series. If Megachurches Were Honest If Recycling Were Honest If Hard Seltzers Were Honest If Cryptocurrency Was Honest If NFTs Were Honest If Internet Service Providers Were Honest If Crowdfunding Sites Were Honest If Smart TV Commercials Were Honest If Tax Prep Sites Were Honest If Dentists […]

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