Published Portfolio

As I’ve written hundreds of articles, a straightforward list of my work would make no sense. Click a publication to see my full portfolio for that website. If you’re impatient, a few select articles are further down.

Paste Magazine

Forces Of Geek!

Fantasy Life Blog

Xbox Culture*

C-Ville Weekly

Gadfly Online

Podcast Appearances

Film Scores/Original Music



Monologue Jokes (Updated Daily)


PASTE MAGAZINE – FEATURE: I Saw Hate Yesterday in My Hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia

PASTE MAGAZINE – INTERVIEW/FEATURE: How Amazon’s Comrade Detective Made a Long-Lost Romanian Cop Show from Scratch

PASTE MAGAZINE – FEATURE: This NYTimes Reporter’s Tweet Praising a Trump Photo-Op is Actually Repellent

PASTE MAGAZINE – FEATURE: 6 Movies That Went Well Out of Their Way to Kill the Black Guy First

CRACKED.COM FEATURE: 5 Bizarrely Specific Prejudices The Entire Movie World Has

CRACKED.COM – FEATURE: 5 Movies That Should Have Been Over In Minutes

CRACKED.COM – FEATURE: 4 Problems That Should Infuriate Americans

CRACKED.COM – FEATURE: 5 Ways The U.S. Is Still Horrible At Handling Disabilities

CRACKED.COM – VIDEO: Charles Darwin: Good Ideas, Bad Person

FORCES OF GEEK! FEATURE: ‘Logan’ Is A Comic Book Movie About Comic Book Movies

FANTASY LIFE BLOG – FEATURE: Intentionally Tanking Your Draft Straight To Championship Glory

SNUFFUN-PRODUCED FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPT: Three high school boys agree to produce a fake “snuff” film as a way to help fund their indie sci-fi movie, but a horrible, onset accident turns their fake film into something very, very real. (Original Screenplay)

REC LEAGUEUN-PRODUCED HALF-HOUR COMEDY PILOT: A former college quarterback decides to join a local recreational football league populated with highly eclectic members. (Original Pilot)


*Now defunct



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