Podcast Appearances

Podcast Appearances

Sometimes I talk to people. Occasionally, it is recorded.

Small Beans: Tales from the Pit: Your Mileage May Vary (Feat. Jason Pargin and Jordan Breeding)

The Pitch Group: ‘Episode 7: Contributor/Musician Jordan Breeding’

Plumbing The Death Star: Which Apocalypse Would Suck the Most Shit (Ft. Jordan Breeding)

Karl’s Corner: The Cracked Fiend

Small Beans: Frame Rate: Seven Psychopaths (Feat. Jordan Breeding)

Book(ish) with George Dimarelos: The Things They Carried: spec scripts, patriotism and story telling with Jordan Breeding

Frame Forge: Making videos on NO BUDGET and Reviving CRACKED! (Feat. Jordan Breeding)

Caffeine CO-OP: Ep 21. Jordan Breeding Joins! Microsoft buys Bethesda, PS5 Preorders, Adaption Station: Movies & Games unite!

Out Of Bed Podcast: Jordan Breeding [NEW NORMAL EDITION]

[IN]Universe: Groundhog Day Films (ft Jordan Breeding)

Season One Wrap-Up Livestream Q&A – Your Brain On Cracked

The (Secular) Barbershop Podcast: ‘7.24.17’

106.1 The Corner Lounge

The Pitch Group: ‘The Pitch Group Finale’

Cracked Movie Club

Red Heads Smell Best (AKA Perfume: A Story Of A Murderer)

Beauty Queens Blowing Chunks Everywhere (AKA Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Heart Bustin’ (AKA From Justin To Kelly)

The Kangaroos Are Out Of The Paddock (AKA Sharknado) Ft. Jenny Arimoto

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