Scripts / Screenplays

This is a running tally of scripts I’ve written. I can provide pdfs upon request.

“Your Brain On Cracked”

Full Series

Animated Humor Shorts

(SOLD) CRACKED LITE: Charles Darwin (Video)

(SOLD) CRACKED LITE: Julius Caesar (Script)


Pop Culture Shorts

(SOLD) LOOPER.COM: District 9 ending explained (Video)

Live Action Humor Shorts

(SOLD) CONSPIRACY NOW: RIGHT NOW: Conspiracy theorist, Tom Jones, interrogates Elmo’s FBI connections. (Video)

JANET: A classic case of mistaken identity. (Script)

THE GOOD, TICKLISH DOCTOR: What if tickles could heal? (Script)

THE EASTERN FRONTNo matter what side you’re on, Whitney Houston brings us all together. (Script)

JOGGING TIPS SO CANDACE CAN’T TELL YOU’RE FOLLOWING HER: You’ll be fitter than you’ve ever been, and Candace won’t even see you coming! (Script)

THE FORCE GETS OUTSolo family dinners can get a little stressful sometimes. (Script)


BUCKINGHAM SUITES: A woman is repeatedly murdered in an endless loop. (Script)

Feature Length Film Scripts

SNUFF: Three high school boys agree to produce a fake “snuff” film, but a horrible, onset accident turns their fake film into something very, very real.

Television Scripts

REC LEAGUE: A former college quarterback decides to join a local recreational football league populated with highly eclectic members. (Original Pilot)

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIAUN-PRODUCED HALF-HOUR COMEDY SPEC SCRIPT: When somebody steals $40 worth of Charlie’s rat pelts, he does the only thing he can do and takes to the streets with the definitely-not-a-sidekick Mac. (“Charlie And Mac Become Co-Superheroes”)

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