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The Most Pretentious Video Games Ever Made


I don’t even know all of them at this point.

The Funniest Thriller Movie Characters

The Funniest Sci-Fi Movie Characters

The Funniest Spy Movie Characters

The Funniest Horror Movie Characters

The Best Fictional Snipers

The Best Fictional Marines

The Best Fictional CIA Agents

The Best Fictional FBI Agents

The Greatest Fictional Politicians

The Greatest Fictional Vice Presidents

The Best Characters From Ancient Greece

The Best Victorian Characters

The Best Viking Characters

The Best Medieval Knights

The Best Prehistoric Characters In Film & TV

The Best Starscream Toys In The ‘Transformers’ Universe

The Best Soundwave Toys In The ‘Transformers’ Universe

The Best Grimlock Toys In The ‘Transformers’ Universe

The Best Bumblebee Toys In The ‘Transformers’ Universe

The Best Severus Snape Quotes

The Best Loki Quotes

The Best Captain Marvel Quotes

The Best Hawkeye Quotes

The Best Devastator Toys In The ‘Transformers’ Universe

The Best Versions Of Mario From ‘Super Mario Bros’

The Best Versions Of Samus From ‘Metroid’

The Best Versions Of Bowser From ‘Super Mario Bros’

The Best Versions Of Luigi From ‘Super Mario Bros’

The Best Versions Of Liu Kang From ‘Mortal Kombat’

The 15 Best ‘Power of the Primes’ Toys, Ranked

The Coolest ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Toys, Gadgets, & Gear

The Best Avengers Figures From The Marvel Legends Line

The Best X-Men Marvel Legends Figures, Ranked

Transform And Roll Out: The Best ‘War for Cybertron: Siege’ Figures

The Best Future Foundation Members

The Best West Coast Avengers Members

The Best Section 8 Members

The Best Doom Patrol Members

The Best Birds of Prey Members

The Best Outsiders Members

The Best Outsiders Members

The Best Comic Book Characters With Black Hair

The Best Comic Book Characters With White Hair

The Best ‘Transformers: Studio Series’ Toys, Ranked

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