“Your Brain On Cracked”

I’ve got a little show now on YouTube. Here’s my story about how it happened..

Jordan Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions

4 Types Of Movie Plots That Only Work If The Whole World Is Stupid

4 Bizarre Movie Tropes And Their Super Weird Implications

Why The “Star Wars” Sequel Trilogy Was Doomed From The Start

5 Characters Whose Jobs Make No Freaking Sense

3 Stupid Movie Moments That Are Secretly Genius

3 Uncomfortably Randy Movie Novelizations

4 Sequels (And A Prequel) That Screw Up The Original Movie

3 Insane Film Genres You Need To Watch

BONUS EPISODE: Zombie Vampires Who Jump Around A Lot

4 Needlessly Elaborate Movie Schemes

5 Kids Movies Way Darker Than You Realized

We Figured Out The Name Of The ‘Fight Club’ Narrator

6 Absurd Things That Prove Hollywood Doesn’t Know Crap About Bathrooms

The Most Insane Christian Movie Starring Gary Busey As A Pomeranian… Ever

4 Video Games More Games Need To Rip Off (Feat. Hard Drive)

4 Famous Movie Lessons (That Didn’t Make A Lick Of Sense)

BONUS EPISODE: There’s No Reason For The Suicide Squad To Exist

Why Blade Runner’s Rick Deckard Can’t Be A Replicant

5 Test Audiences That Dramatically Altered Movies

5 Reasons Living In A Sitcom Would Be Hell

4 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Ruin Your Favorite Movies

3 Villains Whose Plans Could Have Used A Second Draft – SEASON 1 FINALE

Season One Wrap-Up Livestream Q&A – Your Brain On Cracked

4 Terrifying Horror Movie Plot Holes – SEASON 2 PREMIERE

5 Movies That Become Insane With Swapped Genders

5 Advanced Movie Sci-Fi Technologies That (Secretly) Suck

4 Sociopathic Movie Characters You Should By No Means Relate To

5 Movie Universes Secretly Much Weirder Than You’d Think

4 Dumb Ways Modern Movies Portray Masculinity

5 (Secret) Dark Implications In Disney Movies

4 Film Couples Way Nastier Than You Realized

4 Dumb Ways Hollywood Portrays Teenagers

4 Weird Superhero Tropes Movies Won’t Stop Recycling

BONUS EPISODE: The One Stupid Thing In Every Single Superhero Movie

5 (Secretly) Depressing Famous Movies

3 Fictional Universes Where The Money Makes No Sense

Why Does Everybody Suck At Driving In Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

4 Traumatizing Ways Hollywood Portrays Growing Up – SEASON 2 FINALE

4 Movies That Are Actually Propaganda – SEASON 3 PREMIERE

4 Secretly Horrifying Movie Easter Eggs

4 Dumb Ways Hollywood Kills Characters Because They Think We’re Stupid

4 Strange Ways Hollywood Thinks About Boobs And Weiners

5 Incompetent Morons Who Make Superhero Plots Possible

4 Beloved Movie Characters That (Secretly) Ruined Humanity

4 Lazy Ways Action Movies Trick You Into Thinking They’re Deep

4 Weirdly Specific Ways Hollywood Thinks About Food

4 Movie Tropes That Become Insane If You Swap Genders

5 Famous Actors That Keep Landing Weirdly Specific Roles

3 Acting Awards That Don’t Exist But Should

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